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I have found I am much more likely to create art on a regular basis if I am drawing. Painting feels like so much work. It requires good lighting. Getting out paint, water, paint palette, brushes, towel, etc. Having adequate space to work. And don't even get me started on mixing colours. I did set up an easel on my back porch and do love the times I get to play with gouache (my current favorite), but rarely in my life right now do I have this much time to devote to painting.

Drawing however feels much more relaxing and approachable to me. I can draw while watching a show in the evening with my family. I can easily carry these supplies anywhere, and it lends itself to quick sketches that can be finished in one setting.

A year or so ago I asked for a Vogue subscription for the sake of working on drawing people. People are my absolute favorite thing to draw. I prefer using reference photos, but I consider it a loose tool, as I don't strive for realistic picture perfect copies of what I am drawing. I tell my students that the best thing about using a reference photo or doing a still life is that no one needs to know what you referenced. It doesn't have to be a side by side comparison. Most often my people wouldn't be recognized as the person in the magazine. This is because I draw with ink which means no erasing, and I don't stress about perfect proportions or exact angles. I love to just pick a starting point in the reference photo and let my pen go from there. I prefer art that looks a bit wonky or elongated or exaggerated anyway. It gives it some tooth. Something with some edge, rather than same ol' same ol'.

Here are some pieces I've done recently. All done with ink and some with some colored pencils and or highlighters added in.


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