Tarot Self-Portraits

A grounding of sorts.


One of the things I like to do to start my day is pull a tarot card and journal/sketch a little bit about it. At the beginning of 2019 I was feeling particularly interested in drawing self-portraits, and had the idea of taking the tarot card (I’ve been using The Rider Tarot Deck) and drawing myself as the character on the card. The following is a collection of those sketches.

These were quick sketches done in 15 minutes or under. It feels very grounding for me to start my morning with a drawing, and especially powerful to “see” myself in these self-portraits. It feels good as an artist to have made a piece of art at the very start of my day. The result left me feeling empowered and taken care of, so I could go off into my day seeing to my other responsibilities. It also helped me learn to draw quickly and move on rather than obsessing over the perfection of a piece or fretting over not having an expanse of time for art that stretches on for hours.

In this blog post I’ve not included the entire journal pages, as I wanted to focus more on the images than the words, but in some cases you will see a bit of both. Most of them were drawn in fountain pen, occasionally a ball point pen and colored pencils or markers were used.

2 thoughts on “Tarot Self-Portraits”

  1. MM, you are constant inspiration of drawing our-selves — literally/figuratively — into our living; incorporating only that which resonates + making/allowing a creative practice to serve us in ways that require no words. ♥

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