In supporting the artistic vision of Mandy Steward here are some very practical places your money will go. If you want to know more about her work, please visit the ABOUT page.

This list will be updated as needs change. Crossed out text like this means a sponsor has covered that cost:

Become a Summer Sponsor:

Two of the programs Mandy teaches in (Art in Schools and Pepper's Ranch Foster Community) are only active during the school year, thus her financial support to fund her work drops drastically in the Summer. This Summer she will be teaching Summer art camps as her sole source of income and volunteering at The Bike Lab family business, co-leading cycling rides and developing a leadership team to bring more art events into the community at Wholeshot Coffee. She also plans to develop teaching plans for future art lessons for kids. She is looking for financial Summer Sponsors to help ends meet through the Summer months of June, July and August.

Summer Sponsor

Supporting the curation of art at Wholeshot Coffee:

  • Velcro picture hanging strips for monthly art curations (cost is $15/month)

Supporting the blog:

  • Monthly blog fee (cost is $10/month)

Supporting kids' art classes:

Supporting the art of Mandy Steward:

  • Art supplies

Your one-time donation or recurring monthly donations are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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