Nothing more than feelings.


Pouring paint on plates in art class this week, I was struck by how distinctly they looked like faces. And not just faces, but many different emotions on the faces. It delighted me to see these caricatures of emotions. Seeing them in this way made them feel so normal and approachable, not to mention no two were the same, and I enjoyed that. (Sometimes lots of different emotions spilling out of people into one setting can overwhelm me.) This paint palette visual was helpful for me as I have been exploring what it means to be an empath and not lose my own emotional health in the process.

Best part was when I had a student raise their hand before class to say, "One, these are the primary colors and two, I like how you poured them out as faces."

My own temporary impromptu art show. Here and then gone once I taught the students how to mix colours. But really, another great metaphor for how mixing emotions together can make new ones.

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