A consistent secret message.


Butterflies kept coming up for me this summer. A gentle reminder that I can reinvent myself and start again at any moment. Cocoon and rebirth is mine for the taking, but it does take a little bit of struggle to pull it off.

I got this children's book from the library thinking I was going to teach a butterfly lesson at Summer camp, but I didn't end up doing that. I was very taken by the fiery colours mixed with the purples. Plus I liked how the artist created these butterflies, so much so that I couldn't take the book back to the library without doing something with it to remind me of emerging anew.


The cocoon on this page was such a perfect and pleasing shape to me that I knew I wanted to include it as well as a butterfly in a similar style.


I sketched with pencil first and then used gouache to create this triptych. I liked the subtle dreamy landscape in the background of panel 3. It reminds me a little of something from a Byrd Baylor illustration.

Art like this (as opposed to in my art journal) is often hard for me to create because I don't have an end goal in mind for it, but I'm wanting to get better at gouache and so have crossed that hurdle by painting to get better and enjoy my self-expression rather than with a goal of where the art will go when it is complete. Art is such a processing tool for me that I rarely feel attached to it when I finish. Rather I feel released from it. Like I accomplished what I set out to do, and that is very satisfying.

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