Art Journal

Using an old book from the 1950's.


When I used up my last moleskine cahier recently, I had the urge to do something I haven't done in several years - create an art journal out of an old thrifted book.


Last Fall (or Winter?) I went through a major purging and threw the majority of my first art journals (all but one maybe?) on the fire pit to turn to ash. So this feels like a fresh start in that way.


For this new art journal, I decided on a book called "Chalk Garden" that I had on my shelf in my bedroom as room decor. It had been purchased years ago when I was actively art journaling in books, as I liked the title.


I jumped right into the pages, as journaling and sketching is pretty much a weekday routine for me.


Having some leftover metallic paint from art camp inspired me to paint the cover. Then at a later time I got inspired to add the red details with nail polish, due to a gift a friend had given me which had nail polish painted accents.


I'm taking it a page at a time, but also feeling free to jump around as there is open space on a previously used page.


I have had such little time to create for me this Summer, that I am very grateful to have this art journal. It is a small consistent connection to my deeply personal creativity that keeps me feeling like me. No one else cares if this part of my life remains intact and has space held within my schedule for it to exist, so it is crucial I maintain it for me. Without using art to check in with myself, I feel all the "uns" - untrue, unsettled, unhappy, unsure, unnoticed and unheard. My observation is that this personal artistic part of me is 90% of who I actually am. 10% is what people see of me on a normal basis which is the embodiment process of bringing it off the page and into my living. There is way more than meets the eye, and I love taking care of that deeply passionate part of me that is rarely tapped into in social interactions.

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  1. I’ve always loved that stawberry mug of yours!

    And throwing out journals?? I know people do this but it seems so hard to let a piece of yourself go.

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