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As Artist

Mandy Steward has considered herself an artist since 2005, although she vividly remembers drawing heart people in kindergarten and being in grade school when she wadded up her first piece of paper and threw it across the room because the Winnie the Pooh characters she was drawing didn't look quite right.

She received her Bachelor of Arts Degree from Milligan College in Communications with an emphasis on Journalism and a minor in English. Writing is where she first learned to creatively express herself and it is still one of her favorite mediums. She has worked in various graphic design jobs and as a writer, blogger, freelancer and zine producer. She is an active artist, eyes alive, always in pursuit of her next project.



As Art Student

Mandy is determined to follow her curiosity and always be learning. In 2018 she spent the year focusing on growing her skills of pen and ink drawing and got three pieces featured in the Comix OK art show at Oklahoma Contemporary. In 2019 she is exploring painting and colour as well as what it means to be an artist in residence. She is returning to writing on a regular basis and is reading books from the 700 shelves of the Dewey Decimal System at her local library.





As Art Teacher

She is in her fifth year of teaching art to kids as a teacher for Edmond Fine Arts Institute.

Besides teaching Summer art camps she gets to teach third and fourth graders at two Edmond, OK public elementary schools - John Ross and Ida Freeman, and she does art therapy at Pepper's Ranch once a week with various ages of children.

As Art Curator

At Ida Freeman the school has devoted one hallway as an art museum and Mandy enjoys getting to feature students' art on billboards.

A metal storage cabinet in the art room at John Ross often becomes a curation of extra art pieces students have made outside of regular assignments.

At Pepper's Ranch the Art Therapy room has walls with giant metal boards for hanging art up with magnets. Mandy feels it is very rewarding for an artist to complete a piece of work and see it hanging up, and she loves seeing how very different the art looks even if all the students were working on the same project.

Mandy created a small art gallery in Wholeshot Coffee in The Village. She loves meeting local artists, especially artists who feel a little timid about sharing their art with others or artists who haven't touched their art supplies in years, but feel a pull to dive back in.

She believes having artists involved in the shop brings a warmer and more personal environment for the community to hang out in. She is always on the lookout for artists to feature, and has lots of ideas for the future of this little art gallery.

In addition to curating art, she considers herself a curator of community as well. She enjoys the challenge of hosting meaningful events that cultivate creativity, stir the mind and heart, create conversation and inspire individuals to come alive.

One such event is a regular Book Club that meets on Sunday mornings every month and a half or so.

She has helped bring in events like Urban Sketching, Comic Books, Fashion Launch Parties, Board Painting, Halloween Art Walks, Art Demos, Live Music, Board Games, etc. She also helps lead Women's Only Cycling Group Rides that start and finish out of The Bike Lab OKC. Follow the Wholeshot Events on Facebook to catch the next one. Find the women's group rides online at The Bike Lab.

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